Cordula Goj Connecting
makes the connection and brings things
together which are difficult to unite.
Straightforwardly. Efficiently. Constructively.

Cordula Goj

Whenever people come together and work together, it is a meeting of entirely different personality types. Some like to take charge and dictate the course while others hold back and keep quiet. People with a head for facts and figures rub shoulders with emotional colleagues. Then there are different cultures. A company is amazingly exciting and rich in variety – and at the same time contains a huge number of points of intersection fraught with potential for conflict. This is where I come in as sparring partner and driving force, building bridges between extremes and everything in-between so as to enable people at different ends of the spectrum to meet in the middle and unite around a shared goal.

Sparring partner

Cordula Goj offers sparring on a level playing field, helping to clear the mind, gain new perspectives and receive honest feedback.

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Driving force

Cordula Goj gives companies impetus, direction and focus if they want to adopt an agile mindset and be fit for the future.

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gesehen, geschmunzelt und hier geteilt

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