I combine national & international
I combine national & international

Communication problems and misunderstandings are inevitable wherever and whenever different cultures clash. Companies which operate on the international stage have several points of intersection which harbour potential for conflict in this regard. If cross-border collaboration is to work as smoothly as teamwork without borders, there needs to be a “bridge” which enables common goals to be achieved.

  • Would you like to understand what your French colleagues want and comply with their wishes?
  • Your Eastern European colleagues have a different understanding of punctuality – but are you keen to establish a basis for cooperation?
  • Customers from Latin America like chatting on the telephone – how do you persuade them to get to the point without being impolite?

Working with people from a wide and diverse range of cultures in a solution-oriented, confidence-building and empathetic way is my métier. Take advantage of my international awareness of cultures and my ability to bring people together and focus their minds on the common goal. International companies book me for workshops and presentations on subjects like team-building and executive leadership development.

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