Leadership development - empathic and on the pulse of time

Leadership development – empathic and on the pulse of time

  • Your managers should naturally master the most important leadership tools? Emotional intelligence and self-reflection should not be foreign words to them?
  • You would like a manager to be committed to the company as an entrepreneur and focus more on competencies rather than positions?
  • As a managing director, board member or area manager, you would like to transform traditional hierarchical thinking into modern leadership in order to keep the younger generation in mind?

Managers are currently facing unprecedented challenges: Their leadership skills, acquired over many years, are suddenly being strongly questioned by young employees. Deserving  managers are astounded when they see how some young colleagues seem to lack any respect for the knowledge they have acquired over decades. What is left when the position on the business card, which has been acquired with a lot of work and effort, no longer automatically ensures authority and recognition?

As your contact person for leadership development, it is important to me to get to know the individual personality first before taking any concrete measures.

Customers reflect to me: To me, leadership development means appreciation, self-reflection, once again appreciation, and only then do we start acting together.

My action strategy:


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