I combine active & passive.

People work in companies and they have their own personalities – in every respect and at every hierarchical level. Some are very active and always want to cause a stir whereas others prefer to hold back and sweep issues under the carpet. Conflicts are inevitable and need to be handled individually. But both the active and the passive types basically have one and the same aim, which is to resolve the conflict.

  • Should openness towards NEW WORK and VUCA supplant the “business as usual” approach?
  • Surely digital natives and baby boomers could learn greatly from each other if they just knew how?
  • Is there a need for agile structures to be firmly established in your company as well?

It is a fundamental concern of mine to value the different opinions and opposing camps. My naturally goal-oriented and positive attitude enables me to work with them and find a way in which both sides can meet on common ground and tackle the whole issue constructively.


If people are full of energy, they contribute and play an active part in shaping developments. The antithesis is stagnation. People of this opposite type are inclined to be reserved and may even see themselves in the role of the victim. The two extremes exist side by side in any one company. The challenge is to bring both types together in such a way as to enable the company and the people to benefit from each other in the process.

  • Is there a need for workforce and management to finally get the show on the road?
  • Do you want more WE and US and less I and ME?
  • Is there a need for the team to work together better and pull together in the same direction?

My in-depth, efficient and hands-on approach enables me to deploy people with their different skill sets effectively and make a success of teamwork (again). The result is rewarding for both extremes. Because self-aware people are better equipped to appreciate and understand others.


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