I combine exceptional & standard

The perception people have of themselves is different in most cases from the perception others have of them. If a manager has a very impulsive nature, for example, employees may be overwhelmed by this approach. But people must be able to relate to others and let them into their train of thoughts if they want to achieve their aims. Self-reflection is just as important an issue here as leadership of self and others.

  • Is it important to you to offer your customers more than the usual in order to put an end to their frustration?
  • Is it important to rein in the German colleagues who have a tendency to go overboard on structure and rules?
  • Do you long for a more consistent job remit instead of constant pressure from new sources and lack of priorities?

My clients tell me how my considered and empathetic approach has helped them to see and contextualise their own perception and that of others. I will also gladly show you how you can motivate your employees and take them with you. Listen to my interesting ideas as to how to bring people (back) together.

My action strategy:




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